BTP - Pioneering New Grounds

BitPlay is pioneering new grounds, changing how gamers can #Earn while they #Play.

Incentivized Gaming

BTP is evolving a new gaming economy via Incentivized Play leveraging DeFi technology to bring users the most value. Port into eSports next-generation proving grounds, it’s your time to level up.

Diverse Ecosystems

BitPlay Token (BTP) does not only token serves as the primary in-game currency of the entire BitSport ecosystem but also powers other suit of products, API's, SDK which helps other game developers to drive monetization for their games and users.

Cross-Chain Currency

BTP is a cross-chain token which works on the Ethereum's ERC20 Chain and Binance BEP20 Smart Chain. Games and Decentralized Applications which has BTP integrated will enjoy the flexibility around a multi-chain currency.

$BTP - BitSport's primary in-game currency

BitPlay token is evolving a new gaming economy harnessing several ecosystems, DApps and Platforms to foster incentivization for Gamers around the world. BTP serves as the primary in-game currency for one of the first ever peer to peer competitive eSports platform - BitSport.

Not just A Token

BTP is more than just a token, it's a currency which it's holders can spend across millions of stores and merchants around the world with BitPlay debit cards.

Earn Passive BNB & BTP Rewards - Fuel the Bitsport LP Thruster

The Bitsport thruster is where the platform gets its lift. Support a decentralized eSports ecosystem, while earning with your crypto.