Why provide LP?

When you provide LP to the Bitsport trading pools, you are directly helping the project grow as well as your investment. Having a larger liquidity pool gives confidence to larger buyers to make purchases.

Earn twice!

When fueling the LP thruster with your crypto you are automatically subject to receiving a portion of all trading fees and also earn from 3.5% - 8.50% on your staked assets. Hooray for DeFi!
Staking those Crypto in the Thrusters, you'll also receive extra BTP rewards via AirDrop for your commitment.

Decentralize all the things!

Bisport is committed to creating the decentralized environment we believe will ultimately bring the most value to all of our users.
By committing Crypto as LP we spread the holders out and create a robust pool of tokens owned by many individuals.
Bitsport is also refining an LP buyback system to permanently lock a growing amount of LP to the pools.

Stake for BitSport Knock-Out NFT rewards!

Earn staking-exclusive NFTs exclusive to BitSport. NFT's will be rewarded as an alternative to BTP tokens. These NFT's will be only be offered via the Thruster and will be in limited runs.



NFT Rewards


Total Staked

Why do we strive for decentralization?

What does that mean for us? How can we use DeFi technology to better the world? Learn more about the BitSport and crypto ethos.

What are LP tokens?

Find out what an LP token is. Learn some key DeFi concepts that are necessary to understand for investors to fully exploit the opportunities made available through decentralized finance.


Using blockchain we don't need to put your good faith in people or businesses, and your money on the line. We can hold people accountable through public ledgers and demand transparency that removes the need for trust.