BTP - Pioneering New Grounds

BitPlay is pioneering new grounds, changing how gamers can #Earn while they #Play.

Incentivized Gaming

BTP is evolving a new gaming economy via Incentivized Play leveraging DeFi technology to bring users the most value. Port into eSports next-generation proving grounds, it’s your time to level up.


Diverse Ecosystems

BitPlay Token (BTP) does not only serves as the primary in-game currency of the BitSport ecosystem but also powers other suit of products, API's, SDK which helps other game developers to drive monetization for their games and users.


Cross-Chain Currency

BTP is a cross-chain token which works on the Ethereum's ERC20 Chain and Binance BEP20 Smart Chain. Games and Decentralized Applications which has BTP integrated will enjoy the flexibility around a multi-chain currency.


$BTP - BitSport's primary in-game currency

BitPlay token is evolving a new gaming economy harnessing several ecosystems, DApps and Platforms to foster incentivization for Gamers around the world. BTP serves as the primary in-game currency for one of the first ever peer to peer competitive eSports platform - BitSport.

Not just A Token

BTP is more than just a token, it's a currency which it's holders can spend across millions of stores and merchants around the world with BitPlay debit cards.

100X Your Crypto Holdings - Fuel the BitSport LP Thruster.

The Bitsport thruster is where the platform gets its lift. Support a decentralized eSports ecosystem, while earning with your crypto.

100,000,000 BTP Reward AirDrop

Referral AirDrop Program

Rules and Guidelines

Community users can participate in the airdrop by submitting their wallet addresses, emails & nicknames in the form below.

Each participant automatically gets 12 BTP and a referral URL link upon filling the form.

Users can get additional 12 BTP tokens rewards on each invited participant they refer to the airdrop program.

A minimum of 300 BTP balance is required to be attained on your referral dashboard before you can be eligible for the airdrop.

Each Participant can invite a maximum of 50 Participants (i.e Maximum BTP that can be earned is 600 BTP).

Airdrop will be distributed to participants provided wallet addresses based on their referral dashboard balance at 11:59 pm UTC on 30th November 2021.

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N:B – * A rigorous and strict verification/selection process by the team will be done to avoid any form of spamming.

* To avoid dumping, an anti-dump distribution model has been put in place by the team to help stabilize the value of $BTP by distributing Airdrop to referral participants 5 times if 50,000 participants is attained (i.e 10,000 Participants gets 6,000,000 BTP Airdrops distributed to them 5 times); therefore, distribution will be done based on the descending order (first come first serve) in which participants attain 600BTP on their referral dashboard.

Therefore, hurry up, Keep Holding, Keep referring and Goodluck to all participants!!!!

Important Airdrop Information

BitPlay would be performing it’s first ever AirDrop to reward and incentivize the BitPlay community in preparation for the launch of it’s ecosystem. The Airdrop is divided into two categories:


BTP Holders – Snapshot AirDrop

To become eligible:

Participants need to hold a minimum of 500 BTP. You can Buy BTP Here

Airdrop is distributed based on the tier category participants fall into based on Holdings.

Airdrop will be distributed to participants based on snapshots of their wallet holdings on the blockchain at 11:59 pm UTC on 30th November, 2021

Participants can also join the referral Airdrop program.

Participants in tiers 3 & 4 will also get the first batch of BitPlay NFT collectibles.

For more updates, Join the BitPlay Telegram Group